Experiments with
dimensional typography in web and spatial contexts
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typographic practices on Spatial Web
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Spring 2022
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MFA Thesis Explorations
By Tong Li
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With advancements in digital technology, intelligent networks and environmental sensors, it is now possible to create, experience and interact with typography on the Spatial Web.  

As we engage these emerging technologies, how can designers play an active role in the development of typographic systems? How will generative methodologies influence the behavior of letterforms? How will dynamic systems impact the way we display information? How will responsive environments enhance the way we experience communication?

This site serves as a repository for my thesis Plane/Volume/Dimension, which aims to translate typographic standards developed in two-dimensional graphic design and apply them to three-dimensional space. This repository contains a series of design experiments that explore different aspects of expressive, dimensional, and generative typography, beginning at the level of a single letterform and moving from there to a word, a phrase, a paragraph and beyond.

The experiments within this site allow users to explore type in three dimensions, export unique results, and ultimately, consider an approach to working with typography in the Spatial Web. It is an expandable digital space for designers, educators, and creative technologists to learn and start the conversation within the industry.